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Know All About Treatments of Tear Trough in Wigan

Cosmetic treatments have been popular for quite some time now. People are undergoing treatments to maintain their youthfulness by keeping their skins tight and intact. Tear trough treatments aim to swell up under-eye shallows, which are typically caused due to ageing. You can use “tear trough Wigan” and surf the web for the best aesthetic practitioners in Wigan.

Let’s walk you through everything about a tear trough treatment.

The non-synthetic nature of lip fillers backs this point. As your body naturally possesses hyaluronic acid, chances of side effects or allergic reactions are rare. Your body completely absorbs the fillers in about six months’ time. You should visit your aesthetic practitioner for a revision session to maintain the stoutness of your lips.

What Is Tear Trough Treatment?

The tear trough treatment involves small amounts of fillers injected under the lower eyelids and above the cheekbones to elevate the under-eye depressions. It decreases the hollowness and cures dark circles under the eyes. Wrinkles and fine lines also disappear following this treatment, resulting in a younger and more refreshed facial appearance.

If a particular filler session goes wrong and you want to further change your lip profile, you have ways to correct it. A lip filler is totally reversible; it is removed by injecting an enzyme called hyaluronidase that dissolves the hyaluronic acid in your lips. The process is easy, and you can add new fillers later in the future.

Benefits of Tear Trough Treatment

  • Younger and Rejuvenated Look

Saggy eyes, fine lines and tear troughs are the consequences of ageing. An under-eye filler perfectly heals these issues, providing you with a younger and revived facial look. Your year-long dark circles disappear, and you feel more confident about yourself.

  • Instant Procedure, Quick Results

A single cosmetic session is enough for your tear trough treatment. Typically the whole process is completed in around 30-40 minutes. You notice visual changes instantly, and the fillers only take a few days to kick in fully. Surgical or other invasive procedures take several days or even weeks before your recovery.

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  • No to Little Side Effects

As the fillers usually use hyaluronic acid to treat tear troughs, there is no to little chance of side effects and allergies. It is because this acid our body already possesses so it has no issues in adapting to the external injections.

  • Long-lasting Results

The results of a tear trough treatment last for up to 6-9 months in most cases. With subsequent filler injections, you would need even less frequent treatments.

  • Pain-free Process

You might think that injecting needles under your eyes would hurt you badly. However, tear trough treatment is a pain-free process. First, a numbing agent is used so that you feel little to no pain during the procedure. Typically a cannula is used to inject the filler under your eyes, which has a blunt tip to cause you as much minimum pain as possible. So, the injections are safer and are less bruising.

Types of Tear Trough Fillers

Cosmetologists use different types of under-eye fillers to treat tear troughs. Some of the most preferred options are:

  • Restylane

    : It is a hyaluronic acid filler known for its versatility and is used in the lips, cheeks and under the eyes.

  • Belotero

    : It is quite similar to Restylane but is easier to layer. It works better in treating fine lines.

  • PRP

    : Platelet-rich plasma procedure, also known as “vampire facelift”, uses your own blood plasma rich in platelets to heal and regenerate your skin.

  • Juvederm

    : It is another popular filler, specially manufactured to address under-eye troughs and other skin-ageing issues.

Wrapping Up

You will find a lot of cosmetic treatment centres in Wigan, but you should choose only from the best and most trusted centres that provide treatments of tear trough in Wigan.

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