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Know The Features And Benefits of Cloud Telephony Providers in India

These days, every one of us has heard the phrase cloud telephony service. But do you know what this service is? What are its features and benefits? Here, in this blog, you will come to know about the features and benefits of cloud telephony services.

Cloud Telephony

Introduction to cloud telephony service

Cloud telephony service allows developers to add the functions of telephony to the software they develop. To develop all these applications, you don’t need to be aware of telephony knowledge. You just need to know what you require from the telephone. People can understand how to make and receive a call, disconnect or hang it up, press the right button for transferring a file or for transferring a conference call. When you install this software, you can utilize all these features instantly.

If you are wondering how to avail this service, you will be glad to know that availing this service is easier with the help of cloud telephony providers. A lot of companies now provide this service not only in India but also in other countries. When you choose Cloud Telephony Providers in India, you can avail all these services from them. They are highly skilled in this field and therefore, you can expect to avail quality service from their end.

You will be surprised to know that there are many other telephony functions which you can easily integrate into any computer software and for integrating these functions, you don’t require the knowledge of telecom technology. Your service provider will handle all these functions easily.

What are the features of cloud telephony?

• Call recording

This telephony software comes with a call recording feature. You can record all inbound and outbound calls that are required for various business purposes. It is an optional feature that you can use as per your requirements. There are many reasons for recording a call and they are — customer service, compliance, audit trailing, and so on. You can use this feature to record certain calls as per your requirements. The recording o calls and their details can be accessed through a portal.

• Auto-attendant

This feature gives you the convenience of a call attender which you can use to manage all the dimensions of your business. Not only this, you can make announcements for informing callers about various stuff like website address, Phone Number Masking, the hour of opening, and so on.

 An easy-use web-based portal
With the help of the web-based portal, this feature provides you the access to utilize a huge amount of call handling features. Here you will get easy access through the dashboard where you can find all data related to voice mails, call recording, call history, etc. In order to handle some specific calls, you can create a personalized setting as per your requirement.

All these features you can avail from cloud telephony providers in India.

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