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Mistakes People Make Wearing High Heels

You love how you look when wearing high heels for women. There is something ultra-feminine about it. You have picked out several great pairs from websites like AMI Clubwear. But are you wearing them properly?

You Don’t Get Ones That Fit Your Feet

The shoes you picked out may have just the style that you want – the color, the material … but if they don’t fit properly, then you are putting your feet at risk. They can get blisters on them. Your toes can wind up feeling very painful, even when you have your shoes off. Your ankles will constantly be sore.

So make sure that your foot fits perfectly into the shoe. It will be tight but not overly so. Your toes have room to move around and are not crammed into the front of the shoe. Make sure that it is not too big either, otherwise, your feet will slide around inside, which is not good either.

You Don’t Have Good Posture When You Are Walking

This is an easy trap to fall into. There is a tendency to just shuffle your feet along as you walk. You then put more pressure on the ball of your foot rather than the front, which helps you with your balance. Not only can that hurt your feet, it can hurt your spine, since it has to work harder to help you stand straight. To combat this, pretend that you have an invisible string that pulls your head up as you walk.

You can feel good walking around in high heels – just make sure that you are wearing the right ones and walking the correct way. Then it is just going to be fun.

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