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Revitalize Your Bathroom with Stylish Heated Towel Rails

Want to make your bathroom appear pleasant and inviting at first glance but don’t feel like to miss out on the coziness and warmth of the room? We may have just the thing you have got to.

Heated towel rails are a vital component of your bathroom, especially if you live in colder regions. They add warmth and comfort to the bathroom that helps relieve your fatigue. However, most people think towel rails only offer practicality and lack the style that makes their bathroom look better.

Instead of making your bathroom look crowded and ugly, towel radiators are found in more stylish variants that give your bathroom an elegant appearance. Whether small or large, they can act as the focal point in improving and highlighting the design of your bathroom.

Exactly! You no longer have to sacrifice the style to make your bathroom look and feel comfortable. There are tons of towel rail variants and designs to choose from, making things difficult if you are buying them for the first time. 

This article enumerates the most forward-looking and trendy towel rails uk you can rely on this winter.

Importance of Towel Rails

Winters can be uncomfortable, especially at the time you are in the bathroom. Therefore, you need something that can not only provide you with completely dry and cosy towels but also warm up the area. Therefore, your bathroom is incomplete without one of the towel rails UK. Although you may already have central heating in your home, it may be enough to make the area warm. But supplementing it with heating rails can even further improve while letting you warm up the bathroom separately without turning the complete heating system on. 

Different Styles of Towel Rails.

Whenever you plan to choose a towel rail, then you have the following two options available to choose from. 

  • Wall Hung Towel Rail

These are kind of minimalist rails you can directly hang on the wall. All the fitting and most parts that are pipework usually remain hidden inside the wall. It is a kind of floating style that seems attractive and luxurious. It coordinates perfectly with similar style fixtures like wall mount towels or vanity sinks. That means it is great for small spaces because of less space required. Besides that, these are available in highly pleasing designs, highly contributing to the overall aesthetics of your bathroom.

  • Freestanding Towel Rail

It is the type of rail that directly stands on the floor without the requirement to hang on the wall. It also means that you can keep these anywhere you want as per your choice. It can be a fantastic option for many bathrooms. You can get these in various styles and designs as well. Although considered more toward traditional elegance, these are presented in modern designs that are perfect for contemporary bathrooms too.

Different Types of Towel Rails

There are the following different types of towel rails that you can install in your bathroom.

White Towel Rails

The idea of having a modern-inspired bathroom has picked up around the world. If you create a chic and modish bathroom, white towel rails can perfectly blend in to promote the appearance.

Considering their light color, they preferably get along with a bathroom that has dark and cool tones. The contrasting effect of the white towel rails upon a slightly darker background would make them stand out from the rest of the fixtures. In addition to the color options in champagne and volcanic tones, also add just the right amount of heat to make the room cozy.

Chrome Towel Rail

Probably the most widely installed towel rails, chromed radiators can align with the interior design of any bathroom. Their sparkly finish makes them equally chic for both contemporary and classic-themed bathrooms.

Furthermore, with the plethora of sizes they are featured, you can easily find one for your family bathroom. These towel radiators have a larger capacity to warm towels without taking any toll on the grid.

Straight and Curvy Towel Rails

The wide variety of towel rails can confuse you when choosing the right one for your needs. If you are out shopping for bathroom accessories, you will likely confront the two notorious types of towel rails; straight and curved.

Straight towel rails exhibit a sleek and minimalistic persona that makes them ideal for small and contemporary bathrooms. Curved towel rails, on the other hand, display a classic and traditional touch. Not to mention they are significantly easier to install and have a higher rate of drying and warming towels compared to straight rails.

Final Thoughts about Towel Rail UK 2022

The towel rails are an essential part of every bathroom. Not only do these make your towels warm and dry, make your area warm without depending on the central heating. Besides that, these are also important in terms of aesthetics. So, you can use them to create a better-looking bathroom. You can check many heating fittings and fixtures at Royal Bathrooms online store in the UK.

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