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Simultaneous Use of Selective Neurectomy With Liposuction for Calf Reduction Surgery in Korea

Calf Reduction Surgery In Korea

Non-Invasive Calf Liposuction

  • A noticeable effect after the calf reduction surgery

Through a super-fine laser in calf liposuction, block the motor nerves dominating the muscle while looking at the movement of the gastrocnemius calf muscle reduction surgery caused by the nerve impulse.

  • Markedly lower recurrence compared to the existing methods

Due to the regenerative nature of the peripheral nerve in calf muscle reduction surgery, it is expected that relapse occurs in calf liposuction surgery. However, we try to lower the recurrence rate as much as possible by our only nerve block method using a superfine laser to give slim calves. For more demonstrations about calf liposuction please look at our before and after photos.

  • The highest completeness with a full understanding of calf muscles.

Creates smooth and slim calves and legs by damage to the nerves of the soleus muscle and the gastrocnemius muscle

  • A gentle recovery period to have slim calves: Bruising and calf muscles feel tight temporarily.
  • Almost never damages the other sensory nerves and muscles.

The Line Slim Calves Surgery Korea Botox

  • Simple and safe calf muscle reduction surgery without scars and anesthesia and the results are amazing just like the calf reduction surgery before and after photos
  • Leading to contract a muscle by injecting Botox to achieve slim calves
  • Fast procedure time of calf muscle reduction surgery and recovery period, and back to everyday life at once
  • Needs to repeat the procedure in about 6-12months because it’s not a permanent method

Features of The Line Calf Reduction Surgery

  • Very low relapse with more than 6,000 times experience and know-how
  • Smooth and fabulous calf line lasts to Achilles tendon
  • Creates sleek and shapely legs from every angle as a glam point in two-thirds of the calf
  • A gentle recovery period with temporary muscle tightening and slight bruising, hardly any damage to the other sensory nerves as you can see in the calf liposuction surgery before and after photos.
  • Lots of lectures and demonstrations to doctors from home and abroad, such as France, Japan, and China, and the others to keep you knowledgeable about calf reduction surgery to get slim calves

Medical staff who train domestic and foreign specialists
In the United States, Europe, Southeast Asia, Japan, and the Republic of Korea,

  • The line plastic surgery representative medical staff has received a lot of experience and know-how.
  • The line has more than 6,000 types of surgery and a lax
  • Through research and live treatment with the medical staff
  • Constantly evolving opportunities and customer satisfaction.

Who should consider calf reduction?

Inner Muscle

This is the most common case that inner gastrocnemius on the calf is developed and the inner line of the legs doesn’t look even. So it doesn’t look sleek when you wear a skirt.

Outer Muscle

This part is where gastrocnemius muscle is developed along with inner muscle, Mostly by exercise.

Soleus Muscle

This muscle starts from the upper ankle and is related to all movement of the calf. Since the procedure might cause functional imbalance, the surgery should be done by a skilled surgeon with safe equipment and full concentration.

Multiple Muscles

You have well-developed inner gastrocnemius muscle and outer gastrocnemius muscle that bulging muscle is seen from the front/side/back. This case happens to those who use muscles a lot through exercise and walking or just through one’s daily habit.

Fat + Muscle

This type has all muscles developed including inner and outer gastrocnemius with fat that the calf is thick overall and bulging calf muscle is outstanding.

Generally, it is not easy to have fat on calves but it can be due to obesity.

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