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The Procedure of Nursery Admission in International School Noida

A nursery school also referred to as a preschool is a space that supports early childhood learning. Nursery admissions in Noida happen in private as well as government institutions. Today there are various international schools in Noida and pan India that provide excellent nursery school education.

The city of Noida has emerged as a popular destination hosting several top international schools. It is said that a child’s brain development is fastest in the early years of growth. Children at a ripe age can grasp things quickly and adapt to the changes at a faster rate.

During these foundational years, it is important to provide them with the best of an education system that leads to their mental and physical development.

Global Indian International School – International school Noida

The Global Indian International School (GIIS) is one of the pioneer international schools in Noida that provides a holistic educational system. GIIS has several branches in India and across the globe that offer education from nursery to high school. The nursery admission in Noida premises is seamlessly executed bearing in mind the requirements of the students.

GIIS, the best international school Noida, offers various international curricula and for the nursery admission in Noida, the school follows the award-winning Global Montessori Plus Programme (GMP) that is a blend of modern teaching methodologies and the popular Maria Montessori programme. It offers holistic education that concentrates on the five-strong pillars like Excelerate Programme, Multi-faceted Learning, i-Play Programme, i-Care Programme, and Future Ready Programme.

GMP Curriculum at Nursery School

GMP curriculum fosters students in a positive environment that creates a love for learning and prepares them to be the future leaders of the nation. The major focus of this international school Noida is to provide a quality education that develops the language, numerical, emotional skills and teaches them the importance of universal values.

The pedagogy is infused with 21st Century learning techniques where students are allowed to explore various technologies to be future-ready and enhance their creative and critical thinking skills.

The well-designed curriculum exposes the students to a vast range of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities that identifies and nurtures the hidden talent in them.

Know Abou International school

The international school Noida has extremely well-trained facilitators who are well-versed with the international curriculum and provide support to the students to gain knowledge, enhance their capabilities, better interact with peers and prepare them for a seamless transition into the primary school level.

The international school Noida offers the immaculate latest security system that includes CCTV cameras throughout the campus, digital ID cards, and secured entry and exits.

The school provides extraordinary facilities to meet international standards like spacious and well-lit classrooms, phenomenal campus facilities, and care for the physical health of the students.

Parents are considered the core of the journey of their children and hence are made a part and parcel of the learning. Parents can effectively collaborate and communicate with the teachers regarding the progress of their wards.

Process of nursery admission in Noida

Being a well-known international school in Noida, GIIS offers a smooth and systematized nursery admission in Noida that involves:

  •       Filling in the inquiry form
  •       The school administration team will connect in no time and guide through the process
  •       A personal or virtual campus tour is organized based on the requirements of the parents
  •       Parents are guided in filling the application form along with the required documents
  •       The process of fee payment is explained
  •       The assessment process for the student is conducted
  •       Parents are given the privilege of talking to the faculty or existing students based on prior appointments.

What is the right age to take nursery admission in Noida GIIS?

Nursery being the first step of education, students must be 2.5 years and above. The school provides the best foundational education that leads to the all-around development of students.

GIIS is an exceptional international school in Noida as it inculcates the students with the best educational practices that help them face future challenges with ease and confidence.

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