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Top 5 Hollywood Movies in 2022

Hollywood is a multi-billion dollar industry as it has the status of the most popular and most grossing film industry worldwide. Every year Hollywood produces masterpieces that fans love to see. Movies like Spiderman No Way Home and Red Notice have taken the world by storm with their remarkable stories. Spiderman No Way Home has reached the stage for the most grossed movie in 2021 with the directors opting to go for the multiverse story with spidermen from different universes coming to action.

2021 seemed to be a year to remember for Hollywood with cinemas worldwide opening post-pandemic. The previous year made us show the worth of digital platforms as many films took to digital platforms helping people throughout the world watch movies from the comfort of their homes.

The previous year saw Hollywood movies making a significant impact on the fashion world as well. Jackets such as Vince paper Jacket made a huge impact on the jacket industry. This is the impact movies have on the fashion world.

2022 is expected to be nothing less with many movies hoping to recreate history. The new year is expected to be the year for movies with staggering blockbusters expected to release this year. We will guide you regarding the movies expected to be released following the new year.

1) Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

In the latest marvel movie spiderman, we have seen how doctor strange has opened the portal for the multiverse and things got interesting. Well, the interesting thing about this upcoming movie is that the concept of the multiverse has been taken into continuation. In the teaser, we have seen that Doctor Steven Strange has trouble with his spell, and this invites some uninvited guests like Doctor Strange from another universe. This becomes a real threat for the whole world. In this movie, we will see our superheroes in action in their fight to save the world.

2) The Batman (2022)

With Marvel giving us bangers every year how can DC stay back? So in the year, dc is set to release a new film with their iconic character Bruce Wayne/Batman. This year Batman is played by the iconic actor Robert Pattinson. The previous Batman films have set a standard for DC to match with Dark knight and Dark Knight Rises exceeding expectations. This film shows the second year for batman fighting crime as he uncovers the corrupt leaders of Gotham City that are connecting with his own family while facing a serial killer that is known as the Riddler. This character has embarked on many fashion looks as well with jackets like Rue 21 Jacket being the iconic jacket the character prefers.

3) Thor Love and Thunder

Thor is one of the most powerful avengers if not the most powerful avenger. The Thor series is nothing short of iconic with the god of thunder having multiple adventures in Asgard. This movie of Thor has been one of the most waited for movies in 2022 as the god of thunder has some unfinished business in Asgard. It is the sequel of Thor Ragnarok and is expected to reach heights similar to the first part of the film. We can not wait to see what the marvel studio has stored for us.

4) Uncharted (2022)

The iconic adventures of Nathan Drake have been turned into a movie. The movie is a prequel to the iconic game series uncharted with Tom Holland playing the role of a younger version of Nathaniel Drake. The adventures show us the factors of how Drake met and befriended his buddy, Sully. If you are a fan of the game then this movie is a must watch for you as it will reveal the answers to many questions we had regarding Drake. For many, these moments will be very nostalgic. We just hope this movie will exceed our expectations. And we provide Belstaff streamline puffer jacket at English Jackets

5) Scream (2022)

Scream is a horror-thriller that is set to release this year. It is a story that many people worldwide are waiting to see as it is the story that takes place 25 years after the original movie series of the incident of the murders in Woodsboro. The movie tells us about the new killer that emerges and kills the targets it has planned. The main highlight for this film is the return of Sidney Prescot as she will return to uncover the whole truth that has happened in this situation. This movie will answer many questions that the fans have regarding the ongoing situation throughout the franchise.

These movies are expected to be record-breaking. Only time will tell us the impact of the records that could be broken but one thing is for sure Hollywood Movies in 2022 won’t disappoint us.

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