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What is the function of ERP software?

The resources are the only assets that businesses have to make the most out of their module. It is a challenging task for the business leader to keep track of all the resources manually. Every business must have effective enterprise resource planning (ERP) for its organization.  

  Enterprise resource planning depends on various factors like employees, resources, and others. The best ERP software in India will help the entrepreneurs to keep a track of all the resources automatically. In this blog, let us understand the functions of the ERP solution in India.  

Top functions of the ERP system  

We have a team of software experts that have made a comprehensive list of the top functions of ERP software in India.  

Human resource management:  

The employees are the fuel that helps businesses to achieve their business goals and make more revenue. The top ERP software will have human resource management tools included in the system. As a result, the business leaders will be able to keep an eye on their employees of all departments and teams. The HRM tools will help the business leaders to track, store, manage and process the entire employee lifecycle. Moreover, the ERP system with HR tools will help employees to regularize their attendance, overview their performance, apply for leaves, and accomplish other HR-related work. The business owners that manage their employees efficiently will be able to make the most of their enterprise.  

Inventory management system:  

The inventory is an essential asset for every business which they need to keep an eye on. The best ERP software in India will embed inventory management tools into the system to track every asset owned by your organization. The ERP tools will give you an overview of the available stocks and their placement of it. Furthermore, you will also get an idea of the products that are stolen, damaged, or pilferage from your inventory. As a result, the enterprises that have stringent inventory planning in place will be able to make profits.  

Customer relationship management tools in the ERP system:  

Customer is the foundation of any business that will help your business to grow into a brand. But the conversion of a small business to a brand depends on various factors. Most importantly the conversion of your idea into a brand will completely depend on your customers. Hence, businesses need to keep their customers happy and satisfied to make the most. The CRM tools will be a part of the top ERP system in India to ensure you deliver a top-notch experience to your customers.   

Business intelligence:  

Business owners generate a huge amount of data daily with valuable insights into your organization. The best ERP software will integrate tools like advanced tech tools available in the market to give you the competitive edge that you require. For instance, the top ERP tools will have artificial intelligence, data analytics, machine learning, and others embedded in the system. As a result, the business leaders will be able to keep a track of their data and get detailed insights into their challenges. Hence, the ERP solution in India with business intelligence will help to make smart business decisions based on data analysis.  

Supply chain management and ERP software:  

The success of any organization depends on the efficiency of your supply chain management. It is a challenging task for business leaders to keep a track of the entire supply chain manually. Because supply chain management involves tracking right from procuring the raw materials to delivering finished products. The top ERP software will notify you when your raw material stock is running low than expected. Moreover, the best ERP system will allow you to explore the entire market to find the top vendor that supplies quality raw material at an economic price.
Additionally, the right ERP tool will track the entire manufacturing process to give an overview of all the raw materials wasted in the process. Furthermore, the ERP system will help you to understand the market demand and keep your supply ready accordingly. For instance, there is an increase in the sales of a particular product, you can increase the manufacturing of it to suffice the market demands. Similarly, if the trends show there is a decline in the sales of another product, you can reduce the manufacturing to avoid higher shelf life. 

Finance management:  

Finances need to manage stringently to make the most of your business. The top ERP software solution in India will help businesses to keep a track of their finance flow in the organization. Because this software will have all the financial management tools included in the system to simplify their task. Additionally, The best ERP system in India will help businesses to keep a track of the accounts payable and receivable. Furthermore, it will also keep a track of employee payroll, daily administrative costs, and other business expenses.  


The top functions of the ERP software in India will help you to manage every aspect of their business. Moreover, The best ERP software in India will be an all-inclusive tool that will increase the productivity, efficiency, and accuracy of your teams. Technology Counter will help entrepreneurs to select the right ERP tools based on their requirements and needs. 

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