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7 Proven Ways To Increase Your Iron Intake

Do you often feel sluggish, tired, or giddy? It may sound strange, but you may be suffering from iron deficiency. Low iron levels can lead to life-threatening anemia; however, it can be prevented by taking significant amounts of iron daily. Also, iron supplements can help fill iron gaps emerging due to blood loss and other medical conditions. 


Some people don’t consume iron supplements just because of their poor metallic taste. There is good news for you if you are also one among them. Nowadays, chewable iron tablets come in different flavors with natural sweeteners. So, worry not, go to the market and pick the one you like most. 


Iron is present in both vegan and non-veg foods. The iron that green vegetables, legumes, and nuts contain is called non-heme iron, which is difficult to digest. On the flip side, non-vegan foods contain heme iron, which is a bit easy to absorb. Put simply, if your body’s iron need is too high, it would be better to intake meat, fish and non-vegan seafood. 


Now, let us dive into the 7 proven ways to boost your iron intake.

  • Eat Meat & Veggies Together


A combination of red meat with green leafy veggies can do the blast. You may be surprised to know that eating iron-filled vegan food with meat can help to absorb non-heme iron about four times faster. Also, it tastes great and increases your appetite. You can shallow fry or microwave the meat pieces and eat them with spinach as a salad or in a sandwich. Making mixed soup is another way to devour meat with iron-rich veggies.

  • Say Yes To Vitamin C


Some people eat large amounts of iron-loaded plant and animal-based foods but still remain iron deficient. The real reason behind it is the poor absorption of iron. The adequate content of vitamin C in the body is needed for appropriate iron absorption. Hence it is vital to include vitamin C fruits and vegetables in your daily meal. Lemon, orange, gooseberry, strawberries and other citrus fruits are abundant sources of vitamin C. They keep your iron level up and also make your skin flawless & glowing. 

  • Go Red


Although all non-vegan foods include fish, poultry, and eggs, red meat contains much more iron than animal-based foods. So, you can enjoy beef, lamb, pork, and veal goat twice to thrice a week to boost your iron levels.  

  • Avoid Tea & Coffee With Meals


Don’t take tea and coffee with meals; they contain an organic compound, Tannin, that can alleviate the amount of iron our body can absorb. Doctors always suggest consuming these beverages at least 1 hour before or after a meal to get maximum iron from your meal. 

  • Do Dieting Carefully


It is good to stay on a diet to lose extra fats; however, it should be done carefully. The studies have affirmed that many people miss the iron in their diet while dieting, which leads to anemia. Several iron-rich foods are low in fats and carbs; considering them during dieting is the best way to lose weight without affecting the iron content in the body. The dietician can give you the best advice on what to eat and what not to prevent essential nutrient loss while on a diet.

  • Pick From 4 Major Food Groups


A balanced and healthy diet is vital if you are serious about elevating your iron status. As discussed above, iron is present in fruits & vegetables, meats, dairy products and grains. So, you should consume iron from all 4 major food groups. 

  • Extra Iron Is Needed In Specific Cases

If you exercise strenuously, are pregnant, or are a female who has periods, there is a high risk of becoming iron deficient. In such a case, it becomes imperative to take chewable iron tablets along with regular meals. 

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The Bottom Line-:


Hope you like the above information helpful and consider the above tips to increase your daily iron intake.


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