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Which is Better for My Child: Day School or Boarding School?

In a child’s formative years, schooling is a vital part. It majorly influences all decisions the child will make and the path any student’s life will take. Peers, the education, discipline a school provides, method of imparting knowledge, etc., are all significant factors taken into consideration by every parent before choosing a school for their child. Often parents even use the help of experts to select the best schools in Noida, Delhi, Gurugram, Pune, etc. Moreover, sometimes boarding schools are even considered.

Hence, it is necessary to pick the right option that the parents would believe would suit the child best. The article talks about the pros and cons you must consider before deciding between boarding schools and day schools for your child.

What is a Boarding School?

A boarding school allows its students to live on campus. Students must follow more activities and routines with regulations and unwavering schedules. It mainly targets the child’s overall improvement and prepares them to live independently. Not only do they gain an education but also learn skills used in daily life. It teaches them how to survive with less and make the best of what they have, giving it an edge over day schools. However, students who live in the vicinity of the school are also allowed to attend it as a day school, although that may not have the intended benefits of a boarding school.

What is a Day School?

A day school is essentially a non-residential school, where students travel to the school daily from their respective houses. While boarding schools aim at the child’s overall development by inculcating values and teaching discipline simultaneously educating the child, day school mainly targets education and leaves the disciplining to the parent. Day schools only offer basic disciplining and life skills.

Day School Vs. Boarding School

Boarding School: 


  • Focus and availability of several extracurricular activities enhance skills and are a way to enjoy.
  • The child grows independent, mature, and responsible.
  • Due to the small classes, each student receives more attention, enabling them to study and learn better.
  • Students learn discipline and various life skills.



  • That particular boarding school may not always support special skills your child may possess.
  • Children may feel homesick, and both parents and child will miss each other.
  • Academic and extracurricular pressure as well as severe stress in certain institutions.
  • The fee may be higher than day school since boarding schools provide children with various amenities.


Day School: 


  • Parents with extra time can be more involved in their child’s life, making the emotional bond better.
  • Since day school is only for a certain amount of hours, students are free to engage in whichever extracurriculars they may feel suit them without sticking to the same routine and extracurriculars every day.
  • More socializing between students in a school and inter-school
  • The fee is not too great since schools only provide education for a certain amount of hours, unlike boarding schools.


  • Some parents might not dedicate too much of their time to the child’s activities hence causing the child to miss out.
  • Due to larger classes, teachers can’t pay much attention to each student.


To Conclude: 

The choice between boarding and day school would differ from parent to parent depending on the circumstances. If you are unable to see to the needs of a child, such as discipline and teaching life skills due to long working hours or for any other reasons, and if your child has an interest in a specific extracurricular activity, boarding school would be a good option.

Day school is suitable for a bright child who can adjust to larger classes. If you believe socializing and interaction skills are necessary and wish to spend more time with your child, day school is the option. The best schools in Noida can provide these amenities and opportunities to your child; hence it is vital to choose between day school and boarding school.


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