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A complete guide to finding the best student accommodation in London?

London harbors the best universities. Every year, thousands of students come from various countries all across the globe to London for their higher studies. There is a huge demand for finding good accommodation in London. However, the recent pandemic has made this difficult. Things are slowly getting back to normal. However, finding student accommodation in London can be pretty hard. Here are a few helpful tips to find the best accommodation for yourself.

Start Early:

Do not wait to look to book accommodation once your classes begin. You will not only be busy with your classes but most of the accommodations will also get booked by then. Therefore, start early. Start to look for cheap student accommodation around 2-3 months before your arrival. You can also decide to pre-visit and browse the properties. The option of virtually touring some properties is also available, depending on your agent.

Plan Your Arrival:

Whether you are thinking of conducting a pre-visit or you want to check the properties after your final arrival, make sure you have planned them. You can fix your pick up and drop facilities, university support, visa consultants, and any other ground support you may need in London. Apart from student accommodation in London, there are also many other tasks which you will have to accomplish.

Landing Essentials:

Landing on international soil can be difficult. Everything may seem hard, from getting a SIM card to getting into your university. Check out if any full-fledged service is available that can help you with the availability of a new SIM card, pick-up plan and support you to settle down in your selected student accommodation.

Budget Plan:

London can be a pretty expensive place for students. Therefore, finding cheap accommodation is not going to be easy. You will require a budget for everything. If you are planning to live in chapter Spitalfields London, it is close to some of the very popular universities like the University of London and City University of London. Living here, you will also gain access to art galleries, theaters, museums, etc. However, the cost of living here may be a little bit pricey. Therefore, plan your budget and make sure you stick to it. You must also consider the cost of academics, leisure activities, and traveling.

Near to Campus:

Always try to get accommodation next to or close to your campus. This will save you a lot on your traveling cost. Other areas can also be chosen if they have a strong underground tube network. The location where you plan to stay, how you will travel to the university, and how you will get your utilities should be planned before you even get to London. You can also look for purpose build student accommodation in London that is close to your university. You can visit these places and decide where to reside

Check the Facilities that are available:

London is full of student accommodation options. Whether you reside in Mannequin house or any other location, make sure that they have the basic amenities like bars, libraries, restaurant passes, TV lounges, gym passes, separate kitchens, Wi-Fi facilities, laundry passes, common spaces, etc.

Check the Security:

Many locations in London are vulnerable to theft and crimes. Even if you choose a location that boasts of a low crime rate, you must always make sure that you run a thorough check before finalizing the location. Your thorough check should include the presence of digital card keys, fire safety, cameras, intercoms, etc.

Surrounding Locations:

Yes, you are going to London for your academics. However, some recreational options are important as well. Therefore, do not go for a dull surrounding location. You can choose to go for chapter Spitalfields which has museums, art galleries, shopping centers, etc. However, the best method to find out if the location is suitable or not is to check it out for yourself.

Sharing of the Room:

You must figure out the room sharing policy before you pay your advance and enter into your lease contract. For this, you should contact your leasing agency. They will help you with the documentation, contract support, and finally, the insurance.


You do not want to live in a bare apartment. Right? There are many different types of student accommodation available in London. Some offer fully furnished rooms while the others offer bare rooms with absolutely no furniture. What you get will be budget-dependent and the location where you are choosing to stay.


There are multiple factors to consider when you are planning to go for an international stay. Whether you live in Mannequin house or somewhere else, you must take all the factors mentioned above into consideration before you finalize. The location and the apartment slash house that you choose for yourself will be your home for the next few years, and thus the minimum level of compromise must be made.


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