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Off Campus Engagement Ideas To Host Virtual Event

To involve your students in engagement ideas community, build active remote-inclusive events, College groups need a venue, now more than ever, to come together. In light of the recent pandemic crisis, when many schools are switching events from in-person to virtual environments, many higher education practitioners and campus event managers are searching for new ways to remotely involve students. Student affairs managers and leaders of student organizations seek creative ways to link their community members, administer their groups from a distance effectively and successfully, build social interaction and two-way communication strategies, and create enriching interactive virtual activities to build their strong community.

Now let us look at some Virtual engagement ideas 

Photo Session Contest 

Photo Session Contest 

Have classmates share pictures of fun and inspiration, campus-wide or within a community. Set a regular or monthly new theme such as pet photos, dorm-style door decoration, and most organized floors. Create a social media trend for everyone to participate and follow to see which picture gets the most likes and shares for a prize.

Contest for Group Photos

Contest for Group Photos

Make a #CampusGroupsChallenge photo by asking each member of your community to take a selfie or a photo of them spending time together in the same place. 

Each participant should write a letter or a word to create a positive message. Organize the pieces of your community puzzle and invite your participants to give the masterpiece of the end result!

Book Review Session

In this setting, students are in control, so choose something fun! Have members of the community vote on and read a chosen book, book series, or short story, and then meet for a book review and share the experience of reading. Bring in questions, suggestions, and snacks of your own.

Prepare Students for Career Launch

To learn about virtual job search techniques, call in a recruiter. For a Q&A session relevant to the area of interest of your community, invite alumni. Company Club Women? Organize a webinar hosting female CEO alumni to share their expertise.

Reap the benefits of the virtual campus group  Connections Program to broaden their network and practice mock interviews by pairing students with alumni working in their chosen industry.

Activities to Promote Safe Culture In Campus

Practices like bullying on campus demoralize the confidence of newcomers. Every campus around the globe promotes an anti-bullying drive to have a safe atmosphere on campus. In your virtual event, you can create a no bully poster and share it with every member of the group.

no bully poster

Nominate a Student Representative

It’s a perfect opportunity for student groups to set up elections to choose new representatives, looking forward. While this can be a challenge on campus and even trickier off-campus, the right process in place can help ease the process from developing a ballot, creating a political campaign poster, enabling participants to quickly click and vote online, and notifying new leaders, to leadership positions with a digital, safe way to promote the election system.

political campaign poster

Graduation Ceremony

The campus can arrange a virtual graduation ceremony for their students who are graduating this year. Creating a graduation poster to announce the virtual ceremony date and time with Zoom Id, and sharing it on social media for every group member to take note of it. Students can even create their posters to invite their family by giving a common ID to join the ceremony.

Livestream a virtual event

Organize members of your group by staging a live session, presentation, webinar, a virtual event. Set up a Question-answer video conference session with your school alumni to share career and company insights with current students.

Keep activities for your campus community exclusive by only sharing video links with registered users. 


In this difficult time, inspire each other to share a thought-provoking or fun quote, meme, video, poem, etc.. By asking members to take turns. Campus groups can create a huge impact in creating students’ careers by assigning them a different task and making them future-ready.

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