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Australian University Rankings: Complete Guide About Top Universities

Australia undoubtedly has a strong track record when it comes to global university rankings. Across all world university ranking systems, areas of study, and criteria, Australia ranks highly for student satisfaction, quality of education, and global reputation. Although university rankings are not an end-all decider of whether you should choose it, it is important for your future nevertheless. A simple number tells a lot about the reputation of your degree, the quality of the institute, and the caliber of its education. This is why you should definitely consider the Australian university rankings before deciding the ideal university for yourself in Australia!

What Are The Most Popular Australian University Ranking Systems?

There are various university ranking systems used worldwide. Three commonly used university rankings in Australia with global acceptance are:

QS World University Rankings

Academic Ranking of World Universities or Shanghai Ranking

Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings

Australian University Rankings According to QS World University Rankings 2021

36 prestigious Australian universities are featured in the recent QS World University Rankings 2021. If you are aspiring to pursue a specific study discipline, Australia has got you covered! Australia has at least three universities in the top 50 worldwide across the study disciplines of Arts and Humanities, Natural Sciences, Engineering and Technologies, Social Sciences and Management, and Life Sciences and Medicine.

Besides the exceptional Australian university rankings, the country offers world-class education and countless opportunities for a bright future. Australia is among the ideal study destinations for international students, with its dazzling cities, sunny beaches, and picturesque countryside. In this article, you will find Australian university rankings based on the reputable QS World University Rankings 2021 for rating the top universities in Australia.

Read on to find out about the Australian university rankings along with the top universities in Australia!

Which Universities Have Topped The Australian University Rankings 2021?

1.      Australian National University

Even after a decade, Australian National University still remains the leader of Australian universities. It is ranked first in Australian university rankings and holds 31st position on an international scale.

Primarily based in Canberra, Australian National University offers a diverse portfolio comprising single degrees, double degrees as well as vertical double degrees administered through its 7 colleges for Business and Economics; Arts and Social Sciences; Asia and the Pacific; Engineering and Computer Science; Law, etc.

2.      University of Sydney

Located in bustling Sydney is the first Australian university – the University of Sydney. Ranked 2nd in the Australian university rankings and 40th worldwide, its historic main campus has been deemed among the most beautiful worldwide by “Daily Telegraph” and the “Huffington Post.” About half of its student population has an international background, and the university offers a plethora of study disciplines with 400 areas of study. According to QS Subjects Rankings 2020, it is among the top 50 universities worldwide for 21 subjects!

3.      University of Melbourne

Mainly residing in the city, surrounding towns, and suburbs of Melbourne, University of Melbourne proudly holds the 3rd rank in Australian university rankings and 41st worldwide.

University of Melbourne’s course structure, known as the “Melbourne Model,” is unique, as instead of offering various specialized undergraduate programs, it offers 9 generalized degrees, including Bachelors of Arts, Agriculture, Design, Fine Arts, Biomedicine, Oral Health, Commerce, Music, and Science. Besides, it does offer 400 specialized postgraduate programs.

4.      University of New South Wales

Primarily based in Kensington, Sydney, international students make up almost half of its student population. It offers over 400 degree courses through its faculties of Arts, Design & Architecture; Law; Business School; Engineering; Medicine; and Science.

UNSW has one of the highest research manpower in Australia with an 8000 strong research community and is among the founding members of the prestigious “Group of Eight.”

5.      University of Queensland

University of Queensland has the honor of holding the fifth rank in Australian university rankings and in the top 50 globally. With its stunning main campus located in the suburbs of Brisbane, a third of its student population is international.

It offers 400 courses, and as per the QS Subjects Ranking 2021, the university is ranked in the top 50 globally for 21 of its subjects. It’s the best university in Australia for areas like Agriculture and Forestry, Environmental Sciences, and Sports-Related subjects.

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