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Buy Property in Turkey And get Turkish Citizenship Without Traveling

Many people want to Buying Property in Turkey. This is a safe way to invest in European countries and regions. Under current global health by maintaining capital during repeated sieges

This is because most of the country’s air traffic is sometimes interrupted. By canceling health emergencies. Therefore, there is an urgent need for a reliable partner in Turkey. Do the process of owning and buying property in Turkey remotely while you are in your own country. Buying Property in Turkey offers these unique services. For more information on these valuable services, please follow the paragraph below.

Benefits of Buying Property in Turkey

  • No need to travel to Turkey. Save on accommodation and plane tickets
  • Use real estate offers. Including exchange rate differences
  • Privacy and complete all stages of ownership with complete confidentiality.

Are you worried about getting real estate online?

The process of buying online has become more common in recent years, including buying real estate.  We specialize in real estate engineering consulting at Buying Property in Turkey. By investing in Turkey, we fully guarantee the transparency of your purchasing process. Also provides legal and professional consulting services in the Turkish real estate sector.

We help you choose the right home and complete the entire contract process. This includes sharing a certificate and obtaining Turkish citizenship while in your home country.

Steps to choosing the right property online

1. Information About Real Estate

If you just want to buy a property for a Turkish housing project or do you have a property group to choose from? All you have to do is let us know about the selected property. So that we can provide you with all the details. Or just specify your needs. Let’s do real estate consulting. We will show you the best project according to your needs and budget.

2. Virtual real estate tour

Buying Property in Turkey guides you through a virtual real estate tour online. This will take you to the project area you want to select. So before choosing the right property, check all the details and the most important information. Once selected by you, your real estate consultant will find the right project for you. At your request, he / she will go through the project via video call and show all the details of the property from inside.

3- Check the offer and choose the right offer.

Offers and Steps to Examining Offers Except for buying a property within budget, for investment or residency. You need to consider all the offers and help you choose the right property.

For example, if you are in a hurry to go straight to your property. You can choose the property under construction at a special price and pay in efficient installments. In a way that is in your favor after the completion of the construction process.

How can I sign a contract to buy real estate in Turkey online?

4- Creating an adult guardianship system for shopping.

After selecting the appropriate property, the price and method of payment will be negotiated with the date of receipt.  All you have to do now is get a lawyer from the Turkish Embassy on behalf of Buying Property in Turkey. You need to make a simple initial payment so that you can start the process of naming your property immediately. To book accommodation and copy a passport

5- Concluding a sales contract

After completing the new home contract process, please post the sales contract, sign it and resend it.

Therefore, for transparent work, we are eager to guarantee your rights by approving the contract of sale of a Turkish lawyer (Notre).

6- Transferring the value of the property and receiving the document.

It’s time to pay by sending money from your bank account to the seller’s account to complete the purchase process. Immediately after payment during transfer, we will issue a document in your name.

Online title certificate document service

In some cases, online land deed services are available through the official website dedicated to the complete deed process. This website has helped to complete thousands of documents. Especially under measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the past

The notable Turkish government has launched a Tapu website for certification. Carry out all relevant transactions remotely from the real estate office. We intend to send real estate information that facilitates buying and selling.

Get Turkish citizenship while you are in your country!

If you want to buy a property online in Turkey and register a title deed in your name in the real estate office. We help you to obtain Turkish citizenship online according to the law. In exchange for owning real estate

The authority of certain attorneys is required to complete the citizenship process. Attach the required personal documents for our attorneys to claim and complete all the steps. After about 3 months of application, a citizenship decision will be issued for you and your family. 

This is available in the file

You can now obtain a Turkish ID and a Turkish passport from the Turkish Embassy in your country. Finally, if you decide to buy Real Estate Investment in Turkey and a unit in Turkish real estate. But you can not travel for shopping. Contact Buying Property in Turkey

We will help you choose the right apartment and complete all the steps of the contract. Choose from the best features like Ocean View, Government Guarantees, including Title Certifications. Repayment of Turkish citizenship

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