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Buying Property in Istanbul: (Insider, Location, Advice on Purchase Process

Here are some helpful tips on how to research and find the perfect Buying Property in Istanbul. Contact information for English language services, including price reductions, mortgages, legal checks and more Buying Property in Istanbul. The following will be very useful both for us and for those who live abroad and want to buy a property for sale in Istanbul.

How to Buying Property in Istanbul?

As a result of research and conclusions for many locals in Istanbul, buying a property may take up to a week, but buying a property is possible in a short time, but it should take at least 3 to 6 months. recommended. To make your choice. The ideal property to be your best investment.

Get Ready to Buy A Property in Istanbul

Buying Property in Istanbul presents a new real estate project. There are so many great things to do with your entire budget. In addition to new projects in popular areas and areas of the city, urban transformation projects provide great opportunities for this sector. Renovated buildings for sale guarantee that houses and apartments are very affordable.

In addition, the Turkish lira has depreciated by about 40 percent of its major foreign currencies since this year, providing a great opportunity for investors to take advantage of the situation. And what if millions of new homes are built to exacerbate the real estate crisis? Homes and apartments have been waiting for potential buyers to reduce prices for two years. From this perspective, you will benefit twice as much. Like the second owner of a property, they lower the price and wait for the buyer.

There were many properties that were not for sale during this period. And both businesses and locals are involved in the financial mortgage chain. This means that they are in a hurry to sell their property. And you can have a good deal.

Choose the right place

It depends on why you want to Buying Property in Istanbul. Is it for life or for investment?

Great place to invest in Istanbul

If you are a real urban fanatic. Enjoy the busy nights of the city. The busy street in the city center is just a few steps away. And the following neighborhoods are recommended in the transportation hub. If you are working, you should be close to your place of work to avoid Istanbul’s world-famous traffic.

The process of Buying Property in Istanbul and Turkey

The process of Buying Property in Istanbul and Turkey is similar to the trend in many European countries. You must pay a guarantee when signing a contract with a real estate consultant. The final payment will be received after the transfer of the certificate (Tapu in Turkish).

  • Required Documents
  • Passport and passport copy
  • 6 photos in passport size
  • Bank account of a bank in Turkey
  • Turkish tax number

If you buy your property through a real estate consultant, a government employee with a lawyer.

Sign the Contract

* At the time of the final decision to buy the property. A purchase contract is created. And you have to pay the deposit to the owner at that time.
* Guaranteed deposit varies depending on the property. But as a rule, up to 10% of real estate prices.
* The contract is effective when all parties to the contract sign and receive the deposit.
* Please note that you can cancel the contract at a later date. However, if the property owner withdraws from the contract, the deposit will not be refunded. The deposit amount will be refunded. Penalties in such cases
* After completing the contract process, the buyer and the power of attorney (or power of attorney) of the property owner will meet in person and transfer the ownership document to the notary public. Most of this process takes about an hour. Foreign buyers need a translator to prove their registration.
* Before signing the final certificate, you must pay the taxes and expenses of the property (about 4% of the valuation of the property) which is prescribed by law. The purchase process is complete when all parties sign the contract.
* Signing a contract and receiving a title deed means that the property will be transferred to you and you will be registered in the real estate office.
* When transferring the ownership document, the rest of the purchased property must be paid to the seller.

Support for Property Purchase Specialists

If you are Buying Property in Istanbul for the first time. Or find the ideal property in Istanbul where you want to buy real estate from abroad and find a reliable broker to help you speak your language.

Our real estate consulting and search services

As a team of Istanbul locals, we know the best real estate brokers and brokers in Istanbul. Real Estate Investment in Turkey can help you find the best property for sale or rent in Istanbul for your needs. Property type (apartment, commercial, villa, land, etc.). 

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