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Healthy Scalp Tips You Need To Know For Healthy Hair

Scalp health is as important as other body parts. We pick many skin products for our face, such as moisturizers, essential oils, etc. but often neglect scalp care. We should think about what conditioner we use and shampoo.

Choosing a conditioner and hair shampoo should be a wise decision as our appearance does matter a lot. Experts from Fatima Memorial hospital Lahore say that falling off dandruff can be embarrassing for you, but you can have peace of mind that you can get after choosing the right hair products.

Do you know what the signs of a healthy scalp are?

According to dermatologists, unhealthy scalp shows different signs, such as:

  • Redness
  • Pain
  • Acne
  • Cysts
  • Sun damage
  • Flakiness
  • Excessive hair loss

You may also notice scabs, redness, and bumps that show scalp signs of scalp inflammation. Long-term inflammation can end up with hair loss.

What Happens If You Have A Healthy Scalp? 

Your scalp health is what your hair health is. So, you should focus on what your scalp says about you. You can compare a healthy scalp with a spoil of a farm that gives a healthy plant while a rough soil cannot grow a plant that you need.

The scalp contains 100,000 follicles that work like a seed sprouting a tree. Every hair consists of the sign hair that grows over time. These follicles are also responsible for the production of sebum, or you can say oil. Such production helps in moisturizing the scalp that prevents infections.

In the scalp, a hair follicle goes deep and possesses its microbiome. When the scalp microbiome is disrupted, it leads to dandruff atopic dermatitis and seborrheic dermatitis.

Such results affect the hair and result in rough hair, hair breakage, split ends, reduced hair shine, etc.

How to Get Healthy Scalp 

You do not need to climb a mountain or learn complicated exercises to get a healthy scalp, but a simple change in your daily hair care routine can help you get rid of an unhealthy scalp.

Let’s explore what to do for a healthy scalp.

Don’t Use Products That Contain Harmful Ingredients

People should understand that being gentle to hair is important. Hair products that contain sulfates, fragrances, and alcohols are harmful to scalp health. Why?

When you use sulfates on your scalp and skin, it takes away the natural oil of your scalp. Such a condition removes the dead skin cells that result in a dry scalp. In this way, you get irritation in your scalp.

Using hair products that contain fragrances can damage your scalp and such all the moisture out of your hair. It can make your healthy hair frizzy and dry. Scalp inflammation can be dangerous to men.

  • Use Mild Shampoo and Be Gentle

We should not think that scrubbing hair can remove the dirt from your hair but damages your hair follicles. Choose a mild shampoo and massage your scalp lightly. It increases the blood circulation in the scalp and prevents the scalp from causing abrasion.

  • Go with Omega-3 Supplements

Researchers say that fish oil supplements can help in promoting hair growth and prevent hair loss. People who took a supplement containing omega-3 or omega-6 experienced a boost in hair growth.

  • Antioxidants

Oxidative stress occurs when free radicals increase than the beneficial antioxidants. Look for causes such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, etc.

  • Use a Scalp Scrub

Scalp scrub is used to exfoliate the skin on your head. Scrubs consist of physical and chemical exfoliants and remove excess skin cells, dandruff, oil, etc.

Symptoms That You May Notice Of an Unhealthy Scalp

Our scalp rings the bells in case of any damage. You just need to understand what it says about your scalp health. Itching can be a sign of an unhealthy scalp. Many people say that they feel the burning sensation on their heads. Extreme oiliness and extreme dandruff are also signs of an unhealthy scalp.


A healthy scalp gives healthy hair, so determine if there are underlying health problems that can affect your scalp health. Choose gentle hair products and do not wash your healthy hair daily.

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