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How to Redeem Gift Card or code on your Microsoft Account

Microsoft launched a giveaway event to get attention from the audience for a search engine. It is giving of free items and gift vouchers to all the users. To enrol in this activity, you need to link your profile. In this article, you will get a preview of every related aspect.

Which gift cards are being given away?

Microsoft is a well-known brand in the business of technology for decades. Any new event and updates create much buzz in the world. Now there is a new rewarding system for using the search engine bing.com. They are sending gift cards worth 100 Roblox and more by earning at least 1500 points. All you need to do is perform some searches daily and get 5 points each. After collecting a sufficient amount, you need to redeem it from the website.

It is their way of promoting bing.com and increasing its traffic. Roblox has millions of fans who are restlessly waiting for such opportunities. They tend to perform any task to get promo codes and gift cards. Microsoft Code has used this strategy to attract more audiences towards Bing. The only countries available to this system are the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, and France.

How to get a gift card from the Microsoft website?

Follow the given steps to get gift vouchers.

  • Start the process with any device that got connected to Wi-Fi.
  • Now, use your browser to visit the official website of Microsoft Redeem Code which is giving away rewards.
  • On the first web page, you will get prompted to log in to your Microsoft account or create a new profile for users.
  • Once your account gets linked, you are ready to perform any task and earn free points.
  • You can click on the activities option and find your daily progress and new quest available for collecting points.
  • Perform this task for at least a week to collect enough points for redemption.
  • After you have reached the 1500 points mark, you are eligible to get a voucher for a hundred Robux value.
  • Go to the reward gain tool to find out how you can collect your achievements in return for these points.
  • There are several items and passes available.
  • If you opt for a Robux gift card, click on the graphic representation.
  • You will be redirected to another page that will ask you the amount of Robux you want to get. Select your preference and press confirm
  • you will get your reward as an e-gift card at your email address.
  • Along with it, you will find a code that needs to get entered into the official Roblox platform.
  • Enter it in the designated box on the Roblox redeem promo code page.
  • The promised number of robots will get credited into your Roblox account.

What are the necessary details of reward points needed?

Here are some tips and tricks to use for getting rewards faster.

  • As you know, the minimum number of points required for your first voucher is 1500 points. You need to complete three different types of tasks every day. It will help you reach the point count faster.
  • You can set a particular goal and the number of tasks to get performed is a day to reach the 1500 point mark.
  • There is a mire activities option which brings in new tasks every day. Try to indulge in all of them.
  • Completing everyday quests and punching in cards will get you double the coins than usual.
  • Always use bing for searches so, you are making points unconsciously. You can also set it as your default search engine.
  • Do not forget to confirm that you are using your Microsoft account only for performing all the tasks to get all the points deposited with your account.


We have given a good amount of details required to know every aspect of the gift voucher and promo codes giveaway by Microsoft. Remember you can avail much more items other than Robux. So even if you are not a Roblox player, you can avail many exciting items.









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