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Kratom in New Mexico: 5 Myths About Kratom Shattered

With kratom becoming increasingly popular in the West, it is surrounded by certain myths. Some people say that kratom is bad, while others say it is illegal. Some are afraid to try due to these myths, while some hesitate to buy online because they are unsure of the quality. 

Kratom in New Mexico is available in various forms through GMP-certified vendors who source their kratom strains from reliable places. 

Let’s shed light on some of the common myths surrounding kratom and dig into the truth.

Myth#1: Kratom is addictive

Kratom is habit-forming, not addictive. There’s a difference between addiction and having a habit, experts say. You can develop a habit of taking kratom just like you develop a habit of exercising, having coffee or tea, and others. But, rest assured, you would hardly become a serious addict like those drug or alcohol addicts. 

Myth#2: Kratom is illegal 

A few states and counties have banned the sale and use of this Asian herb. But it is not listed as one of the banned items under the Federal Controlled Substance Act. It is not an overall illegal substance. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy your kratom. 

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Myth#3: There are different types of kratom trees

The kratom tree is only of a kind. The same kind of tree produces red, green, and white strains. The different strains come from the changing colors of the leaves. This can happen during the tree’s life cycle or during the harvesting and drying process of leaves. In fact, drying is the common way of altering leaves. Red vein leaves are more common than white and green. Gold is rare and made from a combination of strains. 

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Myth#4: Kratom is a drug

Kratom is not a drug. Somehow the rumor has emerged that this herb is an opioid. Kratom works on opioid receptors of your brain, but not in a way that opioid drugs work. Kratom works differently from classic drugs. That’s why you cannot consider kratom a drug or an opioid drug. 

Myth#5: Kratom is always safe 

No. Kratom can be harmful when you take it in a higher than the recommended dose. But this doesn’t make it a bad substance, does it? Remember the adage, “everything in excess is poison”? Even when you take vitamins in excess, they can be harmful. Take kratom responsibly. Avoid exceeding 8 grams at one time. The safest way to take kratom is to use the lowest dose possible, say experts. 

Every user has a different experience with kratom. It is hard to create one general guideline on using kratom. Some New Mexico kratom users just can’t tolerate this herb on an empty stomach, whereas experts advise taking it on an empty stomach for the best effects. Many users report they enjoy their kratom with food. 

Use kratom in a manner that suits you. 

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