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Spiti valley: A complete travel guide


Spiti Valley  is an appealing name that conjures many images for people who haven’t visited the area. Although many people envision mountain ranges, hills with green, and waterfalls, others consider it to be dry deserts, and an unforgiving desert, similar to Ladakh.


Whatever image depicts attracts for millions of visitors every throughout the year. A excursion to Spiti can be something you be able to enjoy for a lengthy duration, maybe for the rest of your life.

The word “Spiti” literally means “Middle Land” due to the fact that it’s located between Tibet and India. It is because of this that it’s a distinct mix that’s an original mixture of Indian and Tibetan traditional cultures. The distinct style of living that is widespread throughout Hindu as well as Buddhist faiths has become so well-established that it’s difficult to distinguish between the two.


Does Spiti Valley worth it?

Let me start by saying that since you’re among the most frequently asked questions. Many people are unsure about visiting Ladakh or Spiti Valley. Spiti Valley and are wondering whether Spiti Valley deserves a trip.


It’s an experience will be remembered throughout the time. This trip gives you the chance to see various aspects of different cultures and landscapes. The gradual shift from an arid, lush mountain of Kinnaur towards deserted Spiti brown towards Manali green will amaze you. Mountains, snow-white, and blue lakes of this region is unlike every other. It’s an entirely unique part of the world, and you will be able to meet people who live a distinct lifestyle of you have. It is true that Spiti Valley is definitely worthwhile and it is a must to visit the area. In many ways, it can be more enjoyable than going to Ladakh.


What is the ideal moment to go to Spiti Valley?

It’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the possibility of a trip. Selecting the most suitable time to travel is vital for the quality of your journey and to enjoy the sights. Spiti Valley is accessible through the road throughout the year. When you are able to visit Spiti depends on your personal preference, but most trips are offered between June between June and September. This is the time when two routes, Shimla as well as Manali continue to be open. Check out the article below to find out more about the most suitable time to travel and the month it could be most appropriate.


Is Spiti Safe?

This is an issue that should be considered and dealt with prior to travel to a new location. My personal opinion is that the security of a person is his own hands, and the decisions that he makes are influenced by his own security. One thing you have to be aware of regarding Spiti Valley is that there are roads are a bit narrow, difficult and often dangerous for drivers. So, you’ll require having prior experience (especially when driving on road that runs through the mountains) before being permitted to drive your vehicle into Spiti Valley. It’s not recommended to be the only person driving up the middle of a hill. If that occurs you should consider making the trip for about an hour to another station in the mountains , and then driving to Spiti.


The residents in this area are warm and welcoming. A majority of the population is comprised of normal people and the level of crime is virtually unrivalled. As long that you drove in a safe manner and did not put yourself at risk. You weren’t in the fields alone You didn’t argue with anyone, Spiti Valley remains a secure area to be in.


Spiti Valley Permits

Spiti Valley permit are at the center of some confusion. In the end, for an Indian citizen, there isn’t a requirement for a Spiti Valley permit. It is possible to travel around the circuit all year round.

If you’re an outsider, then you must have an authorization to travel, however only in the vicinity of Shipki La Pass (between Pooh and Nako). If an outsider leaves Manali for Kaza only, he is not required to possess a permits. On the Shimla side, the permit is not required to travel over Reckong Peo but is required to cross the border into Peo.


How to Prepare for a Spiti Valley Tour

Once you’ve chosen the day of your travel, the next thing to do is to decide on the matter of what you need you will make preparations. You must be aware of every aspect of your travel and make preparations in a way that’s appropriate. This means having the right clothes, fixing your vehicle, and packing essentials you’ll need to travel.

Spiti Valley and also family

At one time, Spiti Valley was thought to be the ideal spot for people who were brand new to the area, as well as motorcyclists. In the past, the population was not conscious of the name ‘Spiti Valley’ and those who knew about it knew about the area as being near the border however, there was no reason to travel there. But, there has been a shift in the last couple of months. The number of people visiting Spiti is increasing each season, while the area is slowly becoming a popular tourist attraction.


It is clear that it’s a high point of the terrain. It’s not just challenging and dangerous, but it’s also a risk.


What to buy at Spiti Valley

shopping is an essential aspect of any trip, particularly in the case of taking your entire family on a trip. Spiti Valley is considered to be the most remote area but it’s also filled with items that you can buy to keep an account of your trip. Warm home socks, Jersey, Shawl and Roasted Barley Dry Cheese, Barley Powder, Sea Buckthorn Tea are just a handful of things that are often purchased by tourists.


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