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Summer Beach Time on Mandala Throw Blanket


The beachy summer is near as the winter seems to end. The sun screen, sunglasses and cold drink days are around the corner. Time to plan your summer holidays near the beach for a tropical vacation. Grab your friends and pack your summer clothes and hit the beach with a refreshing mood and fun. 


When it comes to vacationing near the beaches, there are few things that are found common during the beach vacations. One of the things that is gaining popularity among the tourists on the beach is the mandala tapestry. 


Tapestries are gaining popularity among the young people nowadays. The tapestries initially were usually hung on walls to keep the room warm and worked as an insulator. Over the years, the use of tapestries have changed and so has its designs. The tapestries produced today are mere accessories for home decor and other stuff. The fabric used in the recent tapestries are thin, light and easily maintained. The tapestries have gained popularity due to its dynamic nature and multipurpose aspects in our day to day lives. 


There are varied designs of tapestries available across the internet. But the one that started the trend was the mandala design. The design originally signifies the uniformity and sync of the universe. Its intricate design and identical shapes are pleasing for the eyes. The mandala design is a circular shape expanding outwards with every circle. The colors used in the mandala also play a role in setting the right vibe to the place.  Often the monocolored tapestry is more than enough to add ethnic look to your home decor. On the other hand, the colorful mandala resembles a Bohemian style tapestry with floral designs. 


Since these pieces of fabrics are multipurpose, you can use them however you want or however your creative mind works. The common uses of this piece of fabric other than being a wall tapestry is being a bed sheet, tablecloth, curtain, or a background for photoshoot. Due to their aesthetically pleasing design and hip vibe, these tapestries can be brought to your  summer vacation on the beach. The  mandala tapestry can be used as a beach throw or a blanket. 


When it comes to vacationing on the beach, you ought to lay on the warm sand to feel the sun. 

Laying on the bare sand can be uncomfortable, hence using your mandala tapestry as a blanket would be a good option. The thin fabric won’t stick to you or cause creases as you lay there right after a dip in the ocean. The mandala tapestry is lightweight hence it is easy to carry it almost anywhere. The mandala tapestry  is made out of cotton in majority of the cases. Hence it dries out in no time and you won’t have to worry about carrying a wet cloth in your bag  till your accommodation. 


The tapestry is an ideal length for a solo traveler. You can easily fit on the tapestry if you decide to have a lovely lunch by the beach or even read a can also share it with a plus one while going to a beach picnic. The size of this cloth is of considerable length to fit two individuals. The mandala gives a sense of tropical and hippie vibe to you. These kinds of vibes are often  matched on the beaches. Almost everyone on the beach is laid back and has a relaxed mindset. You can spread the cloth almost anywhere on the beach, have a seat and admire the sunset. 


If you are one of those early birds or health conscious people, you can take your mandala tapestry and exercise or do yoga/ meditate by the beach. The fabric is easily washable and does not need an uptight maintenance. You can also use it as a cover to the body if you are planning to take a nap on the hammock. They are perfect for a beach blanket which is not too thick or heavy for the hot summers. This airy fabric feels as if you are laying on feathers. 


On the contrary, you can also fashion it into a skirt or a wrap at night. The colorful mandalas make a great wrap or a piece of temporary clothing on the beach. The cloth feels comfortable and soft on the skin. And who knows? You might even set a trend at the beach by your mandala skirt wrap. These mandala tapestries can be spotted almost on every corner near the beach which are super cheap and affordable for a few days stay. 


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