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Teen Rises Above Humiliation to Become Wildcat in DC’s Stargirl

Being a teen in the digital age is brutal. Just ask Yolanda Montez (played by Yvette Monreal), a straight-A student attending Blue Valley High School in the hit teen superhero drama DC’s Stargirl. Yolanda had it all. She was smart and popular. Her boyfriend Henry King Jr. (Jake Austin Walker) was a football player and she was running for class president.

Yolanda’s Success Comes Crashing Down

One mistake was all it took to bring everything crashing down. Like many young girls, Yolanda was pressured by her boyfriend to send a topless picture of herself and she eventually did. Henry showed the pic to his friends and mean girl Cindy Burman, who was jealous of Yolanda, got a hold of Henry’s phone and sent it to the entire student body.

Stories like these are devastating and it was no less for the character of Yolanda in the teen superhero drama created by Geoff Johns. She was labeled the school slut by other students and became alienated from her boyfriend and her family.

Yolanda’s Friendship Leads to New Life

When Stargirl Courtney Whitmore arrives at school, the two become friends and she urges Yolanda to join the new Justice Society of America (JSA). Yolanda reluctantly wears the costume of Wildcat and quickly develops catlike superhero skills.

Yolanda’s Love Leads to Betrayal

Henry King Jr. is the son of neurosurgeon Henry King Sr., also known as Brainwave with telepathic powers enabling him to read minds and inflict neurological damage at will. Henry Jr. as Brainwave Jr. ends up being a worthy foe to Courtney and Yolanda. Yolanda both loves and loathes Henry Jr. for what happened.

Yolanda’s Heroism Leads to Guilt

Henry Jr. refuses to join his father in villainy and dies for it. When Henry Sr. takes on the image of Henry Jr. to trick Yolanda into revealing information about other JSA members, Yolanda takes the man’s life. As a result, she’s disillusioned. Although being Wildcat gave her confidence and helped her overcome adversity, Yolanda swore off the JSA and her superhero suit forever despite Courtney’s pleas.

Yolanda Bitter Legacy Leads to Questions

DC’s Stargirl Season 3 is just around the corner and is begging the question. What will happen to Yolanda? Will she swear off the Wildcat suit forever? How can she live with knowing that she killed her beloved’s father? Answers like these are bound to answer in DC’s Stargirl Season 3.

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