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The Best RO Water Purifier In Pakistan By Water Logic

Reverse osmosis water purifier in Pakistan

Over the past few years, Water logic has installed thousands of The Best RO Water Purifier In Pakistan By Water Logic units all over in country. Our experience spans the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and energy industries. Our cost-effective systems use the latest advanced membrane technology to purify water reliably and efficiently.

Because they use no chemicals, the operating costs of reverse osmosis are low. Our reverse osmosis units are suitable for a wide range of water flows and can be used to desalinate and purify water from a variety of sources to ensure a reliable water supply. The SW series desalinates water for customers who want to use the sea as a water source.

For more information on reverse osmosis, visit the following website

G1 RO compact system for light industry

Enhanced M1 reverse osmosis system for flows below 350 litres per hour

E1 RO for better tasting water: the choice for the hotel and beverage industry

Aqua Clear SB 200 in a small space frame, with pre-treatment

MFP Modular, compact and robust central RO

IWEvo, specially designed for salt water treatment

For seawater treatment SW, seawater production SW

Efficiency of Water logic reverse osmosis water purifiers

Water logic offers reverse osmosis Water Purifier that can be transported quickly and installed even faster thanks to the latest high-performance membrane technology and the proven robust design. Water logic has decades of experience and thousands of reverse osmosis systems worldwide. Read more about Water logic reverse osmosis water treatment systems

The benefits of reverse osmosis (RO) water purification systems

– Significant cost savings

– Improved energy efficiency

– Improved overall system performance

– Reduced sludge accumulation

– Good taste and clarity

– Odourless flushing

– Use of reverse osmosis (RO) water

– Food and beverage industry

– Pre-treatment of boilers and cooling towers

– Pre-treatment of high purity water systems

– Production of biopharmaceuticals

– Water jet cutting

– Steam production and irrigation

– Energy production

How do water softening systems work for commercial and industrial purposes?

The exchange takes place by passing hard water through beads of ion exchange resin in vessels under appropriate pressure. In modern water softeners, the resin consists of millions of tiny plastic beads, each of which is a negatively charge ion exchange resin. The ions used in this process (calcium, magnesium and sodium) are positively charge ions.

When the resin is in its ground state, the negatively charged resin sphere holds the positively charged sodium ions. When calcium and magnesium come into contact with the resin spheres in the resin bath, the sodium ions are displace from the exchange resin.


Eventually, the entire exchange space in the resin will be occupy by calcium and magnesium, and no further exchange of plasticizer will be possible. The resin wears out and must be renewe.

The laminating resin is renewed in seawater. During regeneration, the flow of process water from the plasticizer is interrupt.

The brine is produced by mixing salt and water from the salt storage tank. The salt water passes through the resin and comes into contact with the resin beads, which contain calcium and magnesium ions. Calcium and magnesium have a stronger charge than sodium, but the concentrated salt solution contains literally billions of weakly charged sodium ions.

Sodium ions thus crowd out calcium and magnesium ions, which are less abundant. When calcium and magnesium ions are exchanged, the positively charged sodium ions are attracted to the negatively charged exchange sites in the resin.

Eventually, all the exchange sites are occupied by sodium ions. The resin can be regenerated and prepared for the next annealing cycle.

The best RO water purifier for making clean and safe drinking water at home:

AquaSure Aquaflo DX UV water purifier from AquaGuard.
V-Guard Zenora RO+UF+MB 7 Liter Water Purifier.
AO Smith Z8 Water Purifier.
Kent Supreme Plus Water Purifier.
Hindware Moonbow Water Purifier.
Blue Star Excella 6L RO + UV + UF Water Purifier .

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