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The Best SEO Guide

From the time we were kids, we’ve all been taught to read. And now more and more of us are choosing not just one book but entire libraries full! Why do I bring up this old chestnut from your childhood? 

Because it’s crucial for small businesses like yours as well because reading can help drive organic traffic which leads into conversation about increased sales in other areas- such as marketing or advertising campaigns (for example print media). 

This may seem obvious at first glance but many business owners don’t spend enough time thinking about what they could be doing differently when considering SEO specifically instead putting their all into PPCor Adwords while forgetting those nagging little details underneath everything else. According to a best and top SEO company in Lahore, following points are important in SEO. 

Searching For Keywords

The three ways to research ecommerce keywords are Amazon, Competitor website analysis and SEO tools. The first way that you can use for this type of research is by going onto the Amazon site where they have a built-in tool where one could potentially track their own sales rank over time or even find products based on specific words related in meaning but not necessarily spelling which would be helpful if someone wanted more organic results than what Google provides with its core algorithm

Improve Sits Architecture 

Ecommerce site architecture is how you set up your navigation, category pages and product listings. It’s about getting the best content in front of users as quickly as possible while reducing clicks to find it!

There are two golden rules when designing a great eCommerce structure:  sad = simple & scalable; no page should take more than 3 clicks from any other portion within an online store – use keyword research for highly relevant subdirectory name/url combinations that help search engines better understand which products they should be ranking higher too (both internally through keywords throughout each webpage

Reading About On Page SEO

On page search engine optimization can be a way to ensure that Google knows exactly what your webpage is about. This means on-page SEO will help you rank higher in the SERPs and find more customers by making sure all of those important keywords are included when someone searches for something related, which they might want on their next purchase list! 

There’s three strategies we’re going over today – On Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for eCommerce category pages; Product variations & Brands respectively ; as well as Blog Content

Performing SEO Audit

There are many things to consider when performing an SEO audit. Sure, it’s important that you use keywords and make your website as visible on search engines for Google or any other engine like Bing so people can find you – but there’s also more than just this technical side of things! Site speed matters too because if visitors don’t have an enjoyable experience with the site in less time than expected then they won’t be back again soon (and those lost customers could end up being competitors). User Experience should take center stage at all times: afterall we live in a digital world where everything from shopping experiences online down notifications come through these websites screens every day. You can get professional SEO services for a complete website audit. 

Local SEO

Local SEO is great for boosting local site traffic. It’s also worth your time if you have a physical store or just want more people visiting from Google searches, as this will provide an additional boost in sales! In this section of the guide I’ll cover two things: Claiming my business profile on google My Business (GMB) and then how do I build citations? 

Local links can be simple but are necessary when wanting higher rankings with search engines like Google who reward those that go above their minimum requirements by giving them better positioning at top sites such as first page results etc.

Marketing Your Content

There are many reasons why content marketing is my personal favorite kind of marketing. For one thing, the stats show that 45% of marketers say blogging is their #1 strategy and 70% prefer articles to ads when it comes down to who they learn about a company from (68%). 

There’s also been an increase in consumer awareness with regards to how valuable information posted online can be if done right so this actually helps your store rank better than ever before! You might think you’ve covered every possible keyword but what happens after all those places have already listed? Nowadays people spend less time searching Google because there’s too much choice available.

Track Your Ranking 

In order to track your rankings, you can use an SEO tool like Ahrefs or create a dashboard in your analytics account. The second method is free but not as accurate and will take longer than using one of these services to get all the information on Google’s actions over time so that it may be monitored more efficiently with time-saving features such as:

1) Alerts when there are changes made by competitors; 

2) Overview charts which show trends over various periods (eased monitoring); 

3), Incorporating traffic source data into Keyword Planner™ – helping identify opportunities where keywords have been irrelevant thus far).

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