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Tp-link access point configuration in easy steps

The tp-link access point or the tp-linkap is a dual-band network and 802.11 ac latest technology equipped network device. This dual-band network offers an amazing and superior wireless speed in your whole house. It provides a higher range of connections which make it possible to maintain an equal speed in all the rooms of a house. Additionally, the MU-MIMO is powered in the access point that allows you to approach the wireless network at the same time. The signal rate appliance of this device is higher compared with other devices. The 5GHz network offers a complete speed of 1300 Mbps and the 2.4GHz network offers a maximum speed of 450Mbps. Using, you can redirect the setup wizard and configure the access point exactly. You can also change your password and change the SSID name of your access point using tplinkap.

How to configure the tp-link access point?

If the router supports access point mode then change the working mode of the router. Before the process, you should also be taught to check the IP address of the wifi router that you are using. For this purpose, follow the steps as directed:

  • Connect the wifi router with your device through wireless or using a wire or ethernet cable.
  • If your device is running windows properly, then go to the Network and Sharing Center.
  • Select the network name of your home wifi and click Details.
  • The default gateway can be seen on your screen and in the alternate column, you can see the IP address of your router.

Now, let’s know how to change the working mode of a router.  Here’s the process for changing the working mode to the access point of a router:

Change the working mode of your router using

  • For the ambition, connect your device to your router.
  • Open a web browser, say Google Chrome, and in the address bar type the IP address of your wifi router and press enter. The process of getting your router’s IP address is just described.
  • Enter the password of your router and log into it.
  • Go to Advance-Operation mode and change the tp-link access point mode and click save.
  • By doing these steps, you have rebooted your router and this will help your router to apply the changes.
  • The process may take a little time so, wait till the process is done thoroughly.
  • After the process is completed you can connect your routers using a wire or an ethernet cable.

NOTICE : The ethernet cable should be connected from the LAN port of the main router to the WAN port of the tp-link access point ]

Doing these all, your process of changing the working mode of your router to an access point will successfully be finished. Sometimes, the network doesn’t provide the actual speed that you demand and for the cause, you should verify the network status and at the same process, you can also change your router password. And for this purpose, you have to follow the steps for changing your network’s password under some guidelines too. Let’s see after the matter:

How to change the password of the access point:

  • Open a new web browser, and enter change password. In the change password wizard, you change the password of your network.
  • But first, you have to log off to your account with the help of the previous password and username.
  • Login into it again, by mentioning the default password of your TP-Link access point.
  • Click Management on the menu page.
  • Also choose the access control option in the available option under the management field.
  • Click the Password button on the left page of the access point.
  • Now, enter the previous password. Then, enter a fresh new password and confirm it again
  • Click Save/Apply changes option.
  • By doing all these you have successfully changed your access point’s password. Now you can log into your system by entering the new password.

So, these are the fabulous and easiest steps by which you can get rid of any problem. You have already gained how easy the processes were. The lets you configure out with your redirects. You should also be careful about setting up the process. Because, if the setup process is not appropriate then it may also show such problems. So, if you want to get the proper speed and high range then your setup steps should be appropriate.

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